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my little beast ♥

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calypso’s the cutest
go fatty go
i just hopped on for some pics don’t worry i always wear a helmet
she’s for sale!
Calypso :)

Horse sized fancy stich raised da vinci bridle. I bough two, because they were on sale (I bought one for schooling and one for shows) but I got a new show bridle so I’m going to give back to my followers! I LOVE this bridle, It’s good quality and looks super nice! 

Here’s how to win it!

  • reblog this post (do NOT remove the text)
  • like my photography page on facebook (click here)
  • must be following me (lifelongequestrian)

I will check for the above

I will randomly pick the winner September 30th

Thank you to all my loyal followers! I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of everyone ♥

all I feel is free
photo credsp0nies4life
hes the cutest thing ever
my crazy OTTB <3
Opaque  by  andbamnan